Saturday, November 12, 2011

I knelt...

So on Wednesday I read Kelly's blog about her trip to Ecuador. I clicked over to browse the waiting kids. I've  done this before, but never really found one that spoke to me.

When I was three, my mom lost a baby. It was a boy and his name was Matthew. That's all I knew for many years. I didn't know his birthday. I was only 3 and I didn't remember much.

Recently, a woman in our church lost a baby at around 30 weeks. Mom was talking to this woman's husband and told him that she lost a boy at 19 weeks on December first and he would be twenty this year.

So I typed in 12/01 on the birthday search to see what would come up. Immediately my eyes were drawn to a little boy named Angel. He is 7 and lives in Ecuador. He had been waiting over 6 months. I felt like this was my kid. This was who I should sponsor.

So I put him on my Christmas list. I don't need anymore stuff. I have so much stuff. I clicked the "Sponsor this Child" button to see what the payment options were. I hit the back button, and it told me that this child had been chosen already. I was crushed. I may have cried. My husband pointed out that this was good for Angel. He had a sponsor. I understood that, and I was happy for him, but sad for me. I had wanted so badly to do that.

The next day, I ran the search again. Angel was back on. I texted my husband, hoping he would tell me to just do it. He didn't. So I emailed my mom Angel's page along with a little note about how this would be a great Christmas present. She was not on board. She said that it was a long commitment, and how much of the money would he get and all the usual doubts. I told her that I was going to do it with or without the Christmas gift. I felt like I was supposed to do this. (This was a little bit of a bluff. My husband was skeptical too and didn't think we should do it right now.) I emailed Mom several Compassion Blog posts, ones that answered most questions she'd asked me. (This was Thursday.)

Thursday night, I prayed. I knelt for the first time in my life to pray. We've just never done that in my family. But I was passionate about this. I wanted to focus. I prayed for God to open my parents' hearts. I prayed that if they wouldn't do it, my husband would open his heart to it.

The next day, (Friday) my mom said she'd talk to my dad. So I waited. I didn't bug them. I prayed a lot throughout the day. I looked at Angel's picture on the website frequently. I had asked that this be an early present, so that he wouldn't be gone by Christmas and so that he would learn about me in time for his birthday. That night, my former college roommate and good friend came to visit. She got in pretty late, so we ate dinner around 10pm. I had texted Mom once asking if she had talked to Dad, around 9pm. She had said, "Not yet".

At 10:53, on 11/11/11, I got a text from my mom that simply said "Yes."

Today I got to hit that "Sponsor a Child" button. I printed out the page with Angel's picture and information. It is my Christmas and birthday present. It is the best present ever. I can't wait to start writing letters.

As we left my parents' house, printout in hand, we saw the most beautiful full double rainbow. God is good. God has a plan.

(I later found out that if you hit the button, even if you don't complete the transaction, the child goes off the page for a little while. So it was my own fault I didn't think he was available anymore. Definitely a wake up call to get it done right away though.)


teresadawn said...

This is so wonderful! I know Angel will be truly blessed by your decision.

It's so hard looking at the pictures sometimes, I just wish I could sponser them all!!!!

One thing that surprised me after becoming a sponser to Esperance (my first sponser child) was how much of a blessing she was to me as well. And when you sponser a child you get something back far more valuable then the $ you spend... That child, and probably their family too, will be praying for you often!!!

Also, have you ever thought about correspondance sponsering? I have three correspondance kids (pictures on my blog) that have other people covering the financial parts, but those people can't write letters to them (sometimes business' sponser kids etc) so I do that part. For the kids, receiving letters is as important as the money because it's what let's them know that someone truly cares about them.

Abby said...

I actually did put my name on a list to be a correspondence sponsor as well, but they haven't matched me with anyone yet. Hopefully they will soon!

teresadawn said...

Keep updating your sponserships on Our Compassion... it only took 4 days for my three correspondance kids to show up after asking for them. Though, I am in Canada (not sure where you are) and different places might have more availibility for kids right now than others... I called the USA office first (as I didn't know the Canadian number and I wanted to get it from them) and they said they had lots too and it would be matched quickly before I apologized and said I can't because I'm Canadian and they put me over to the next office, so... if you are from either country I think you'll be matched quite quickly.

Brianna said...

Wow, that's such a moving story to read! That's so great that you're going to sponsor someone. I'm so glad it's going well so far for you and Angel. Thanks for sharing such an inspirational story :D

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