Tuesday, November 22, 2011


In my last post, I spoke about sponsoring little Angel. Since then, I've been on the Compassion site nonstop, reading. I also discovered Our Compassion, which is a social media site for sponsors. I learned about correspondence children and prayer children. And now I have one of each.

Hadija is my correspondence girl. She has a financial sponsor, but I will be writing letters to her. I'm excited and I wrote my first letter today.

Tedi is my prayer child. Every day I check his page and pray for him to be sponsored. He looks so sweet and has the most striking eyes. So if you, or someone you know, feels led to sponsor, consider Tedi, here is his link. 

I've also signed up to be a prayer partner. It's something I do anyways, and Compassion International will provide a list of children/things to pray for.


Teresa Dawn said...

I hadn't heard of the prayer partner thing before! Thanks! I just signed up!

ditha april said...

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