Sunday, October 2, 2011

Today was not a good day.

To start:
A silverfish fell on me this morning. 

For the second week in a row, no one came to our Sunday School class. 

My pearl bracelet that Husband gave me for my birthday broke while we waited for people to show up. 

On our way home from church we passed what appeared to be a very serious motorcycle accident. We saw two people lying on the road. Moving- not dead or anything, but very upsetting. 

My mom and I got into a fight. Her BFFs daughter is getting married and having one of those super special snowflake weddings. I am not a fan because I think that weddings are silly and unimportant. Marriage is what you should be caring about. And you won't remember anything from your wedding anyways. If someone wears blue jeans you won't notice. So anyways mom spent all yesterday making stuff for the wedding. I was forced to invite BFF's 2 daughters and dates to my wedding because BFF would be hurt otherwise. I was not invited to this wedding. But I was invited to a bachelorette party. A "special toy" kind of party. On Facebook. Where the bride said that she appreciates her friend's doing this because "it's been a looooong 5 months". This is not making sense. I apologize. Suffice it to say, my feelings were hurt and my mom was making 90 cake balls for this wedding. 

Then a bird flew into the window. And looked dead. But not quite. Which meant someone would have to put it out of it's misery so ants wouldn't eat it. And I was upset because of all of the above. And I didn't want the bird to die. Even though I really don't like birds. They poop on my car. So Husband said to give it a little while to make sure it wasn't just stunned. It got up, then fell over. Not good. We gave it some more time, warned everyone not to let the dog out, and watched. It sat up for a while, but didn't move. We went upstairs to get stuff, came back down and it had moved! It hopped behind a flower pot, and I went outside to check on it. And it flew away. 

Tomorrow will be better. 

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