Monday, October 24, 2011

Random thoughts

<p>Overheard coworker mention that her other kid is sick now. It's been a week sine the first one was sick. And then the second was ill the next day. So if the third is puking today, the bug has a much longer incubation period than I thought. And I haven't been all compulsive the last few days. But it occurred to me that there's nothing I can do right now. It's all in Gods hands. </p>

<p> In other news, friends and I went to the renaissance festival this weekend. Long drive. Little brother in the backseat. Little carsick prone brother. I slept the whole way up, but I was pretty anxious. And the drive back was kinda nerve-wracking too. As was the actual festival. People drink at ren fest. A lot. But I didn't see anything scary. And I was amazingly calm. But as we all know, the
emet comes and goes. </p>

<p>Every Sunday, on the way home from church, my husband and I drive past this huge historical mansion. It's for sale. We finally called to ask about the price. It's been empty for at least 10 years. The first floor is probably flooded. The roof probably leaks. Animals have probably been living in it. We figured it wouldn't be too expensive to buy, but it would be expensive to make habitable. The person at the bank said $35,000. That sounded possible. So we stopped and walked around the outside and completely fell in love. Went home and googled. The online listing had beautiful pictures. 5 bedrooms. 7 baths. 7 fireplaces. A 50 person dining room. The smallest bedroom is 150 square feet. I was having daydreams about all the children I could foster and/or adopt with a house this size. It's on over an acre of land and I was envisioning kids running all over that with a big dog bounding around too. And maybe a pony. </p>

<p> However, the bank must have been talking about a different house, as the online listing was $1.2 million and the realtor confirmed that as the correct price. We're still going to go look at it.

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