Friday, August 12, 2011

Odds n' ends

So I went to the local waterpark with my grandma, brother and husband. Befor we left, grandma askes if I have dramamine. Then she finds hers and pops two. I'm confused. The water park is 10 minutes away, and she was driving. Turns out, the lazy river makes her seasick. So I start to get anxious. And then I end up worrying about it the whole time. That could have been more fun.

Husband and I got a fish. We named him Swarley. 

Husband and I have been asked to teach a college aged sunday school class. Anyone know a good curriculum? I'm finding a bunch for teens, and a bunch for baptists, but those aren't working so great for me. (I'm presbyterian. And I refuse to tell a 19 y/o college student to only date in order to find a spouse. That's stupid. They're too young to worry about that. I could do a whole post instead of just a parenthetical. Maybe later.)

Ok. That's all I have for today. I apologize for not being as funny as I like to be. 

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