Monday, November 29, 2010


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Good food, family, and no pressure to buy gifts.

I am so over chirstmas gifts. My parents told me this is the christmas of practicality. I honestly couldn't think of anything I actually needed, rather than wanted. I really don't need any more stuff. So I've asked them to donate in my name to my camp. Everyone wins this way.

But back to Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving. Except it can be a tough holiday for an emetophobic. The first Thanksgiving after we moved into our new house, my brother got sick. And of course, I was there. It was very traumatic. I wouldn't use that bathroom for months. And then I had to sit at the table with him. It was awful.

But most Thanksgivings are wonderful. I usually manage to not worry about the turkey being undercooked, or anything else. (It helps that in 23 Thanksgivings and Christmases, my grandmother has never undercooked the turkey. and no one has gotten food poisoning from the stuffing being cooked inside the turkey either. I still don't eat it, but I've never eaten it. Even before I found out about the risks. I just don't like it.)

I feel like I get super ADD in my blog posts. It has just occurred to me that a major reason that I have a terrible relationship with my brother is because of how often that kid pukes. It doesn't help that when he wants to get out of something he will say he doesn't feel good. And now I want to hijack my own Thanksgiving post and talk about that. (but seriously, he throws up a lot!)

To sum it up, I love Thanksgiving. And I didn't even have to take any Xanax this year.

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