Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Prayers much appreciated!

I'm going to a dermatologist tomorrow about a suspicious mole.

I have an anxiety disorder and a best friend who's mom has a very serious case of metastatic melanoma.

So I've been freaking out about this for a while. But I only just got up the courage to make an appointment.

And they scheduled me for tomorrow. Which is kinda nice because I won't have as much time to worry. But I'm still worrying.

So lets all pray that I'm totally fine!


Jenn said...

Best of luck with your appointment.

What an unusual topic for a blog... I've never heard of emetophobia...Interesting read.

Just Married with Coupons said...

I am praying for you! Don't fret and sleep well!

I am dropping by from the Hump Day Hop! Nice to meet you!


Brianna said...

I hope everything went well for you!

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