Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A win for the Emet

Well, I survived 4 days on a boat.

And no one puked. (That I know of.)

However, my darling not-usually-prone-to-motion-sickness-fiancé felt dizzy, then a bit queasy.
So I gave him Dramamine, took my Xanax, and went to find my mommy.
She gave me some stuff to take to him to make him feel better. (ginger chews, water, a seasick patch thingy, and tiny bottle of Lysol for me.) And she offered to let me hang out in her room for a while. (Fiancé and I were sharing with my little bro as our chaperone.)

But while I was hiding, something occurred to me.

My poor sweetheart was all alone, in a strange place, feeling like crap.

And he would never, ever, leave me feeling like that.

So I went back to our room. I applied his patch, gave him ginger chews, got him a bit of ice water, put a cool cloth on his forehead, set up my laptop to watch The Princess Bride, tucked him in, and settled myself on my own bunk.

And I managed not to cry. Definitely an improvement over the last time he didn't feel good.

Now, he knows about my emetophobia. He understood how hard all of this was for me. He's been the one I run to for everything these last two years. He's seen me have a panic attack. He told me to leave him alone.

But I just couldn't abandon him like that.

I love him. And I couldn't help but think, he's never run away from me like that. Even when I am miserable and pathetic with a cold or fever. Even when I grump at him because it's too early or because I'm hungry. He kills spiders, and removes dead bugs from my apartment. He carries heavy things for me. He opens the car door for me.

I love him. As soon as the church repairs are finished, I'm going to marry him. and in those vows is the phrase, "in sickness and in health".

And the Xanax helped.

So with this cruise, I gained hope. Hope that eventually I can be cured. Hope that since I can take care of my fiancé when he's not feeling well, I will be able to take care of my future children.

I haven't yet to deal with him actually upchucking around me, but I'm sure that eventually that will happen. (But it would be really cool if it didn't...) However, I'm pretty hopeful that I will at the very least be able to care for him afterwards. Or you know, at least stay in the house with him. Right now every tiny step counts.
(And yes, I was deliberately vague about when the cruise was. I don't like posting information online about when I'm going to be gone.)

Oh and the most awesome thing ever that doesn't have much to do with this post:
In Cozumel, I rode a dolphin. Like seriously, held her fins as she swam across the pool/dolphin habitat thing. And I got to pet dolphins. and kiss a dolphin. and hug a dolphin. and swim with the dolphins. I've always wanted to swim with dolphins.

Oh and one of those God things- right now there's a tropical storm in the Gulf. Heading right where I was this past weekend. And I am thanking God for our smooth, uneventful journey. Because I had a good time on this cruise, barring that one night. And I know it could have been really awful.
One last thing- If you're emetophobic and do have a burning desire to swim with dolphins- those seasick patch thingamabobs are amazing.

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