Sunday, October 17, 2010

So, about this children's librarian dream I have...

I want to be a children's librarian when I grow up. I have every intention of pursuing graduate school in a year or so. I plan to graduate with my undergrad in general studies this December, then get married, then move and gain residency somewhere that has real seasons, and then start applying to grad schools.

I love kids. As I’ve mentioned before, I'm a camp counselor, and a frequent babysitter. I have to stop by the church nursery every sunday to say hi to all the kiddos. and they rarely let me pass without dragging me in for a tea party or something.

I also love books. I can't pass a bookstore without going in. and usually buying at least one.

So when I gave up acting, Mom put the librarian idea into my head. And naturally, I'd want to work with kids. And I love my public library. So I wanted to work for a public library; not a school library. My reasoning was that kids at a public library want to be there. And they have all the fun events. And I'd rather work year round. And many schools require that the librarians teach for a few years first. And I might be great with kids, but I could never teach. I don't have the knack.

But the dirty little secret? Kids throw up more at schools. Parents send kids to school when they're sick all the time. I can remember many times that there was a chair or a desk over a pile of sawdust in the library in elementary school. In fact, I actually threw up in the school library once.

How often do parents drag sick kids to the public library? Not so often. In the three years that I've worked as a shelver and an intern at my public library, no one's puked on the floor. There have been poop issues, but never any vomit. I'm sure it happens, but not as often.

However, I still worry. Last year, a coworker had a stomach virus. I heard her talking about it. Loudly. And she worked at the circ desk. And I was a shelver. Which meant that virtually everything that I touched, she had touched. And I was terrified of catching her bug. During the swine flu scare, the city installed medical grade hand sanitizer foam dispensers. Last December, I must have used those things every five minutes. My hands were super dry. I couldn't understand why she didn't go home after the first bout of projectile vomiting. (Thankfully, I only heard her talking about it. I didn't witness any actual sickness.) It's one thing to go into work when you have a sinus infection or something that's not highly contagious. But if you work somewhere where you have a lot of contact with people and you're highly contagious; stay home! Norovirus (the stomach bug and the bane of an emetophobe's existence.) can be contagious for up to two weeks after symptoms end! Even non-emetophobes will thank you for staying home and not exposing them to such a miserable virus.

But, I'm going to conquer this fear. I still wouldn't want to work at a school, but life will still be easier. I got an email from Rich, the guy who sells the recovery system, asking if I've started it. I haven't really. I'm doing the relaxation exercises, but I haven't done anything in the workbook. It's hard to take that step. What if I get more anxious?

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