Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I've thought about adoption before. Then I thought about fostering. But then I got wrapped up in my own life and forgot all about it.

Well recently, I've come across a couple of adoption blogs and foster-parent blogs. And my heart has been touched. And I want to do this. But of course, I have to consider Matt. So I talked to him about it, and he loved my idea. He loved the futre that I imagined for us with a house full of kids. With us all holding hands to pray around the dinner table. With us praying together before bed. Taking all the kids to church every sunday.

I used to not want kids at all. because of the emetophobia. But gradually I realized that I wanted one. Then two. and now? However many God puts into our home.

I don't want 19 biological kids like Michelle Duggar. Or even that many in my house at once!

But I've always wanted a ton of nieces and nephews. But with only one brother and one future brother in law, I can't see myself getting as many nieces and nephews as I've always wanted.

But imagine this; a child comes and stays with us for a while. 6 months to a year or two. That child is loved and cared for and taught about God. They can take that teaching with them when they leave. They can always have that love too. After they move out, I would want to keep them in our lives in some capaticy. They could continue coming to church- and maybe even bring their parents along. They would always be invited over for dinner. They would still be our family. Just not living with us anymore. Like nieces and nephews.

We wouldn't be albe to do this right away. We need to get married and have jobs and buy a big house. But I am certain that God will provide if this is His plan for us.

And of course, I need to work on my emetophobia first. I keep getting emails asking how the program's going. So far it's not. Mainly because I'm super busy. but I plan to do it after I graduate. or at least after I finish this senior paper.

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