Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Trusting in God

So I'm getting married in December. At least, that was the plan. The thing is, my church, the church that I've gone to for my whole life, the church where I've grown up, the church that I was baptized in, the church that my parents were married in, doesn't have a floor right now. Or pews. Or, really anything in the sanctuary. In 2008, there was this hurricane. And it took almost a year to get the education wing of the building back up. And we've been worshiping in our fellowship hall since it's been finished. But we're still waiting on insurance money for the sanctuary. And right now, it literally has no foundation. When I first got engaged, a month ago, everyone seemed hopeful that it would be ready for a December wedding. But now, people are less hopeful. And theoretically, we could just push the date back. But we were planning to move away right after Christmas and we want to do that as husband and wife. (We don't believe that we should live together before we get married.) So I really don't know what to do. I can't bring myself to choose a different church. Ever since I was a little girl I have always pictured myself walking down that aisle. When I think about finding a different location, I feel like crying. I’m trying my hardest to just trust in God, but I need some help with that right now.

On another note, since I feel like I’ve only been asking for prayers for myself lately, please lift little Bennet up. He was born a few days ago way too early and needs some prayers. Also S.I.F is starting her IVF process in the next few days and we are all praying she gets a healthy baby (or two!) soon. And my wonderful friend Krystal’s (no blog, so no link, sorry) mom is still battling cancer. Their family really needs prayers right now too. And a sweet couple at my church is having a baby, and there might be something wrong. They’ll be finding out soon what’s going on. Please pray that all goes well for their family.

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ShannonDBR said...

Sometimes, trusting in God - even though we know that is what we should do, that it is what we believe we should do - is a very difficult (& scary) thing to do. I know you read my blog, so I know you know that I struggle with the same thing.

I had things that I absolutely wanted to happen for my wedding. They didn't. Some really important things too... Like I wanted to get married in a church. I didn't, Instead I was married in the room that my reception was at which just happen to be in the room in a fancy resturant.

The point is, God shows up. Anywhere. And He will be the most important guest on the list, or at least He should be.

I know it seems important now - & I truly hope that things fall in place for you, but if they don't please remember that in the end what truly matters is not where you are married, but who you are married to & the fact you love eachother.

Oh, and as for God, I'm sure that although He loves weddings, invite Him to the marriage, bc He shows up there too. {:)

Again, congratulations. I hope this helps.


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