Thursday, July 15, 2010

Show us your single guys

The single guy in my life is my friend, Dale. He's 25, lives in west Texas, and is super sweet.

Dale graduated two years ago with a degree in biology. This seemed a little out of character as his real passion is acting. He's good and I will link to his youtube channel. (this and this are two of my favorites)

Dale has a great sense of humor and a good set of morals too. He is a Christian and he has conservative political views. He loves to watch movies, and he also loves to act and make movies as well. One of his favorite movies is Say Anything. And he also love comedies; one of his favorite actors is Jim Carrey.

Dale and I did go on one date several years ago and it was great, but we also have some pretty big differences in our political views that would have kept us from ever being successful as a couple. (He's a republican*.) Anyways, he drove, opened doors and paid. Dale believes in chivalry and he treats all women with respect. Dale’s biggest flaw has to be the fact that he has trouble talking to women. He stammers at first, but once he gets comfortable around someone, the stammer stops.

He is always there for anyone who needs him. One day I was lonely and he hopped in his car and drove 45 min just to hang out because I needed someone. He also helped me move furniture around when I wanted to rearrange my living room and at the end of this semester, he helped me move out of my apartment.

(*I don't have anything against republicans in general- but i do think it matters when it comes to dating. Dale and I just don't talk about politics anymore.)

(all photos are from Dale's facebook page.)


King Amy said...

what a nice, honest sounding guy! wish he was a bit older for me and down in SE Texas! :) good luck!

Joyful said...


Your friend sounds like a great guy and I love the theatre, and movies. I'm also a believer and currently studying abroad in the UK, but would be interested in connecting, rich7099 (at) bellsouth (dot) net.


ShannonDBR said...

Dale sounds like a great friend. You should always keep friends like that close.

Just dropping in to say hello & check on you {:)


S.I.F. said...

He sounds like a doll! But, I can't date Republicans either! ;)

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