Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I am stubborn. I am a strong willed person. I have been for as long as I can remember. On the bright side I rarely give up. But sometimes I should. Some days, I do well. I give in when I don't want to. I can be the bigger person and stop the argument.

Most days I can't.

This month, for instance. My roommate and I have been having a volume war. I posted a blatantly bitchy and passive aggressive status update on Facebook. And I didn't bother hiding her and all of our mutual friends from it, like I usually do. Because I was particularly pissed and very annoyed by the loud music emanating from her bathroom. (Some song called Again by flyleaf-look it up if you like ear torture.) Since then, our "relationship" has gotten worse. She's started playing her music louder than necessary. and I retaliate by turning up the TV. And posting Facebook status updates.

She still doesn't talk to me.

But I admit, I stopped trying.

But I swear she's playing that song over and over again because she knows I hate it.

Anyways, I'm being stubborn by not talking to her. And I seriously am being a child about it. Today, when she took her shower (with the song on repeat.), she was playing music in the bathroom. And it is so loud. It's so loud that I can hear it when I'm in my bedroom with the door closed. On the opposite side of the apartment. So I turned up my TV. Louder than I've ever turned it up. Until I couldn't hear her music anymore. (when the TV is at it's normal volume, I couldn't hear my TV over her music.) Because I am a stubborn person. And I just can't bring myself to give up first in this stand-off. There's only two more weeks of school.

But I don't like it.

She walks into the room and I can feel the hostility.

I know I'm being ridiculously stubborn.

I just can't bring myself to give in.

I might be stubborn, but I don't give up on things. That's kind of a good thing, right?

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