Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Today begins Lent. Traditionally, a time to give things up. But, right now, I can't think of anything to give up. I'm underweight, so nothing in the food sector. And I guess there's always Facebook, but that's the main form of communication with some of my friends. MLIA is a nice time suck, but what would giving it up really accomplish? TV shows are an option, but they're only on once a week, so it doesn't seem like that much. Reading for pleasure would be a huge sacrifice, but then what would I do in my free time? Watch more TV?

I once had a pastor who preached that instead of giving something up, you can begin something. And that really struck me. What can I start doing this Lenten season? I can try to devote myself more to God. When I'm at school, there isn't a church around that I like, so I usually don't go. And I get busy, and it can be very easy to not think about God often enough. Starting today, I will be reading Girlfriends in God, a free daily devotional on the internet. (Or for maximum convenience, delivered straight to my inbox.)

So the link is here, for anyone who would like to join me in this.

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