Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Share Some Love

So today I added a bunch of links to my blog sidebar. Hopefully, these are links that you will like. One link allows you to donate money to charity as you search. Or shop. Link through their site and go to Amazon or Target or wherever you like to shop online and a percentage of what you spend is donated to the charity chosen. (They also have coupons for using on these websites. so not only do you save money, you help out a cause.) If you use my link, money will go to a camp for children with cancer. (I've mentioned this camp in several other posts) The cost of sending one child to camp runs at about $500, but thanks to donations and grants, children are able to go for just $50. And if a family is unable to afford that, there are scholarships. So this is a really good cause and a personal favorite of mine. Next links down are the "Click to Give" links. You can go click everyday and sponsors pay for things. They also have some pretty awesome shopping, and of course the proceeds go to helping that cause. Next up is a game! FreeRice is a simple flash trivia game and for every answer you get right, they donate 10 grains of rice to hungry people. They also have links to poverty.com. And here's another thing you can do to help people (although this one does require getting off the computer) go here, read about the goals the UN has set to help poverty and then print this to send to President Obama to remind him about the pledge the USA made back in 2002 to give 0.7% of the country's income to help fight poverty. The pledge that we are not even close to meeting 7 years later. Currently, the US is only giving 0.18%. Again, print this and mail it to President Obama. (If you're in another country, click here to find the applicable letter to your government.) Lastly, I’ve added ads to my blog. If I ever make any money from them, it will go to The Rainbow Connection. So let’s all SHARE SOME LOVE!

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