Saturday, July 11, 2009


Every year for the last 6 years, i have been a counselor at a camp for kids with cancer. and kids with blood disorders. and their siblings. and while i know many of the kids are very sick, but camp is not about their illnesses. camp is about having fun and being a normal kid for once. several kids that i know have died, and one was even in my cabin my first year. i hadn't seen her in a few years though. but for the first time, one little girl who should have been in my cabin this year, who was there last year, who was only 8, died. and i didn't know about it for months. it's been close to a year since she died but i only found out two weeks ago. it was so shocking. and i don't know why because i knew she was sick. but last year she was so full of life.

Please be in prayer for her family through this difficult point in their lives. She has the sweetest mom, who always sent a box of goodies for Klarissa's whole cabin.
Klarissa was the sweetest little girl. she was shy, especially when she had lost her hair from the chemo, but she loved to dance around. and i remember that she would try everything, even things she was scared of, like the rock wall. I missed having her at camp this year.

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