Thursday, June 11, 2009

Aunt Abby

I'm gonna be an Aunt*! My best friend since kindergarten is having a baby. and the due date is right by my birthday. i am so very excited for her. she's the first of my friends to be expecting and i so look forward to spoiling that baby! and you know expereincing the pregnancy. well as much as i can from 3 states away. (which is fine for now cause of the morning sickness!) but i hope we are able to visit at some point before the baby and then after the baby is born. it blows my mind that there is a tiny person inside her. a tiny tiny thing that's no bigger than my thumbnail. it's strange wrapping my head around the fact that she's going to be a mom. i've known people who have had babies before obviously, but never someone this close to me. 

please keep her in your prayers that she has a smooth pregnancy and a healthy baby.

*not biologically or even by marriage, she's just my friend. i've always wanted tons of nieces and nephews but i only have one brother and he's only 14 so it had better be a while before i get any from him. 

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