Monday, May 4, 2009

not me monday!

I did not fall asleep in the shower this morning.

i never blog when i should be studying. never.

i am not panicking in the slightest about swine flu.

i am not extreamly allergic to spring. i do not have to constantly find new ways to releive congestion. i do not use a nose teapot. i am not takeing too much decongestent. not me!

i do not hope the schools softball team will lose because i do not strongly dislike a few of the girls on the team.

i have not been playing Pandemic 2 all the time. i do not enjoy wiping out the virtual world with the disease i make up. i do not curse the contries that are able to resist. i wouldn't do that. that's sick.

1 comment:

chadandnikki said...

There's a game called Pandemic 2? That's too cool. I would not probably enjoy that. And, I will not try to find that game.

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