Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Prayers for Plum

Please be in prayer for "Plum". his parents are awaiting some test results on his health. pop over to their blog for more details. 

Plum is a her, actually. and her name will be Johanna. she was diagnosed with Trisomy 18. keep this family in your prayers!


So i have never liked the Compassion commercials. They feel like a guilt trip. Don't get me wrong, they break my heart, but when the guy starts guilting me into helping, i am totally turned off. i do not like the guilt trip. but today when i checked up on Angie i saw firsthand what she is doing. and i don't feel like she is guilting me. she is sharing how much joy she is getting. and wanting us to feel that joy of helping these kids. does that make sense? it's hard to describe the difference, but it is very significant. go look at her site

Also, Praise God, Stellan is going home. 

And Faith is still going strong. she is almost 10 weeks old. 

God is Good. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


i have finally found a template that lets me display my individuality. i took all of these pictures. (except for that kitten in the header; i was holding it while my roommate took the picture. she said i could use it.) It's no Grumpy Toast, but i like it. 

i have an actual post eventually but it is late and i will type that up sometime this weekend if i can. for now, watch the ball clock. it is fasinating. and pray for all the people in my blog list thingy. and link me to anyone you think should be added. (even though it would kill the way i finally got all the bars to kinda line up at the bottom. kidding, kidding.) 

almost 2. gotta go watch that clock. 

bonus points to whoever can find the easter egg hiding in one of the pictures. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

questioning tuesday?

found this blog a few days ago and could not stop reading. it's very funny and a little unorthox, but i like it all the same. one thing i REALLY liked was this. so go look at it. now. please? 

in other randomness, anyone know where i can get a FREE blog template that i can kinda customize? like, put a picture in the header and change the colors around. 

i found this adorable template but it is not in XML so it basicly doesn't work. however it is oh so adorable. 

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Many Waters

Have i mentioned how much i LOVE all of Madeline L'Engle's books? i just finished reading Many Waters for the umpteenth time. it is an amazing retelling (well, retelling is not the right word but i can't think of a better one) of the story of Noah's Ark. and when i say "retelling" i mean that she takes two characters from the Wrinkle in Time books and has them accidentally travel into Noah's time. This book goes far more in depth than the Bible does and i know she made much of it up, so if you're looking for a Biblically accurate book, this is not for you. However it is a wonderful story that works the Biblical setting with the modern setting. It's just awesome. it does have some "romance" but it has the good kind. the kind that shows what love really is. nothing physical, just being together. a central theme is love in all forms. "Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it"

go read it. it's pretty awesome. 


Beautiful Fall colors

so i go to school in an area where there is not much rain. which i think sucks because i like rain. and green grass. well this year there has been less rain than usual and all of the grass on campus died. like, really died. to the point where most of the quad was dust. i figured that the grass was gone and they would have to reseed and we wouldn't be allowed to walk on the grass and it would take twice as long to get to class because the sidewalks don't really go the way they should. this is my third year at this school and the grass always dies over the winter, but there's always been brown grass on the ground. this year there was no grass on most of the ground. i want you to realize just how completely dead the grass was. well around spring break, it rained. hard. for, like, three days. and when i came back, the grass was green. not all green, mind you, but there is more green than brown. i always forget during the long, dry winter, (not cold this year...sigh) that no matter how dead i think the grass is, it grows back. my favorite season is Fall, when in some states, (not mine, so much) everything turns the most brilliant shades of red and gold. and usually in Fall the temperature is perfect. but i always overlook Spring, the season of new life. where everything turns green again. 

Spring flowers. (I love the individual yellow flower so very much)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


so i managed to figure out how to get that list of people whose blogs i am following so that anyone reading mine can go see them and pray for them too. I'm still new to this site and i can't figure out how to make my blog all pretty and i can't figure out how to get all the gadgets i want. but one thing i wanted was to get a list of the blogs I'm following so others can see and pray too. so yay!

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